over the river and through the woods…


to the park we went…  she and her adorable family live in newport now so we met half way.  the shoot was mainly about getting chaney’s 18 month portraits but we couldn’t leave out her big bros.  what a fun, crisp, fall morning session.  i met kelly in the “friend of a friend of a friend” sort of way. it’s sort of weird how fate puts people together.  she was my perfect client.  very go with the flow, dressed her kids in THE cutest clothes, and had an awesome southern kentucky accent to boot!

omg.  those eyes.

love the way they’re holding her up.  and having fun with her too.

  1. Natalie wrote: oh I agree! those eyes, and lovely lashes too! She is absolutely adorable! (10/22/10, 8:44 pm)