the outnumbered dad-a big shots family


dad might be outnumbered but all of the girls, including mom, wanted special shots of them with andrew.  still, lots of girl power going on here!  all different ages and stages. since my daughter is nine, i always like to look at older girls to get an idea of what i have in store.  if this family is an example, i think it’ll be a piece of cake!  when jennifer initially emailed me, she asked if i was “up for the challenge of photographing her family”.  what challenge?  they were so much fun to be with and i could tell they have fun with each other.  feelin’ the pressure though. andrew is a dwac (dad with a camera) and comes from a photo enthusiastic family so i hope i live up to their standards , LOL!  

strike a pose!

love the fun!  they all had a turn with dad.

what more do you need than hugs and laughter?

so jealous of sisters.  love my brother but think the sister bond is unique.  when all’s said and done, they have each other.  forever.