six in the suburbs


i feel truly blessed to know and work with this family.  they are just good people.  know what i mean?  this is our second session together but the first with the whole family.  last time we did a surprise for father’s day for glenn. this time was a combo family/first birthday/au pair going away session.  they are very go-with-the-flow which is great since that’s how i shoot!  while i don’t know the baby so well since, well…he’s a baby, i do know the girls.  we bonded last year and took it to a new level this time.  they all piled in my car and drove with me to our location so we could have some girl time together.  alas, i had to give them back (lol) but i can’t wait to see the whole family again soon.

there is so much love and energy among them.  you can feel it by looking at them.

saying goodbye…

we made sure each of the girls had their own place and pose.

look at that light.  mmmmmm.