please don’t rain!


that’s what i was thinking as i drove to the session.  the sky was a little cloudy but my client had just called to say it was storming where she lived.  i know how hard it is to get an entire family dressed and ready for a photo session; especially with little kids!  sydney and david were in the car with the boys as we all crossed our fingers for the storm to go a different direction and skip the park.  and, for the most part, it did!  we had a few sprinkles but no big thang!  whew!  the boys were troopers.  alex and i hid under a tree together while mom took care of bennett.  thank goodness they are so easy going and fun to be with.

they are not only clients of mine.  sydney owns the store best for babies in silverton.  it’s a baby boutique filled with amazing, unique products.  i have a lot of portrait art hanging in the store and continue to add to the collection each time i photograph a client of hers.  stop by to see!  we are teaming up to do some in store mini sessions called “Little Shots” on October 3rd.   If you like what you see here and would like a taste of big shots and a chance to visit the store, contact me and i’ll give you all the details!

i promised david there were lots of good images so i better deliver here by showing some good sneak peeks, huh?

ooooooohhh!  love the smooch!  brotherly love!

there’s nothing like a mom and her boys.  i have a son so i know what i’m talking about.  it’s just something very special.

david is so hands on with these guys.  what fun!