senior spotlight-maria


it’s funny how many of the seniors i shoot live right around the corner from me.  last week was whitney, who’s my neighbor.  today, it’s maria.  she lives two streets over.  she’s the babysitter for a friend of mine who told me how nice maria was.  it’s always good to have an endorsement before the session!  she lived up to that and more.  here are some of my favorite images from her laid back park session.

My first name is:  Maria

I go to school at:  Sycamore High School

My graduation date is:  2011

The last thing I ate was:  Sushi

My dream job:  Magazine/Newspaper editor

My favorite music/artists:  Keane

My favorite thing in my closet:  My old, faded jeans

My favorite pastime:  Running/reading

My favorite word:  Periwinkle

My favorite website:  Barnes&

My favorite magazine:  Time Magazine

My favorite place to shop:  TJ Maxx

My favorite high school moment:  Football games!

I have never…broken a bone

If I had $1,000 I would…sponsor more kids from India! And visit my brother in NYC.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  she is genuinely open to whatever you want to do and tries her very best to understand your personality and who you are as a person.