a hillbilly adventure


i feel like i am so intent on posting people’s images that i forget to post my own.  i have a life beyond my business and i want to share it witth you.  now, this life outside of work includes a point and shoot so the images are “what you see is what you get”.

after a summer filled with camp for the kids and lots of work for josh and myself, we decided we were going to get away for labor day.  while i would’ve LOVED to go somewhere exotic, it was not in the budget or timeframe for a three day weekend so, we opted for gatlinburg/pigeon forge tennessee.  we were given a lot of “don’t go’s” but decided to give it a try.  you know what?  it was REALLY fun!  we stayed in a really nice condo near everything but quiet and off the main strip.  i got about every brochure they made and we planned our days.

now, i have to admit, i did wear a fanny pack and eat a funnel cake but it was way better than lugging my purse around and who can resist fried dough covered in powdered sugar?  plus, i knew my chances of seeing anyone were slim!  we are a huge putt-putt playing family so we gave hillbilly golf a try.  seriously fun.  they take you up the mountain on this car/pully thing and then you putt-putt down with shady trees all over the place.  then there are the smoky mountains, which are so beautiful.  we took a small hour long hike so the kids would like it but not get too burned out.  the show we decided to see was hilarious.  it was called “the comedy barn” and we got josh on stage as a participant in a skit.  funny!  we did the motorcross car thing for some thrills but THE best part of the trip was the shopping at the outlet.  no, i’m just kidding (kind of…).  the REAL best part of the trip was white water rafting.  we did the upper pigeon which sounded scary but once we were out there, riding the rapids, we couldn’t get enough.

so, what’s the moral to this story?  go.  just do the things you like and skip the things you don’t.  it’s easy to get to, relatively inexpensive, and good family bonding time.  and i would go just about anywhere and do anything to have that special quality time with my family.  that’s what it’s REALLY all about.  here are just a few shots from trip.