senior spotlight-whitney


whitney is my across the street neighbor.  she comes from THE nicest family.  her parents are awesome and her brother and my son play all. the. time.  so, you’d think i would have known whitney, but i didn’t!  i finally met her, after all these years, at the boy’s baseball game and we decided to schedule her session.  i’m so glad we had that chance meeting.  she is adorable!  she wasn’t feeling great on the day of our shoot but you’d never know it.  she had the prettiest smile and lots of energy so that we could get great shots like these. 

My first name is:  Whitney

I go to school at:  Sycamore High School

My graduation date is:   May 2011

The last thing I ate was:  First Watch

My dream job:  Working at Vogue

My favorite music/artists:  Blink 182

My favorite thing in my closet:  My favorite pink shirt

My favorite pastime:  Being a gymnast

My favorite website:  facebook

My favorite high school moment:  Cheering Friday night games

I have never…had a blackberry

If I had $1,000 I would…Shop!!

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  Marla is very mellow and chill. It was a very fun and comfortable session!

  1. Yvonne wrote: So pretty! Love that last image! (09/13/10, 5:01 pm)