senior spotlight-marin


bringing friends to sessions has many benefits.  you get to hang out and have fun while having your pictures taken together, you have someone who knows you well who can make you laugh, and i get to know them and they get to know me.  that was the case with marin.  she is alex’s bff.  she came to alex’s session and was so much fun to have around.  i knew we’d have a blast when we were alone for her shoot.  i was right!  we just jumped right in because of that comfort level from already knowing each other.  we really had a lot of fun.  marin, i wish you luck with your senior year and beyond.  

My first name is:  Marin

I go to school at:  William Mason High School

My graduation date is:  May 2011

The last thing I ate was:  pasta

My dream job:  sports nutirtionist

My favorite music/artists:  so so many…. pop, country, hip pop

My favorite thing in my closet:  my prom dress

My favorite pastime:  spending time with friends

My favorite word:  hush

My favorite website:  facebook

My favorite magazine:  seventeen

My favorite place to shop:  American Eagle

My favorite high school moment:  homecoming/prom

I have never…had a full can of pop

If I had $1,000 I would…use it to pay for college

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  she is so outgoing and I feel like I can relate to her really well, I never felt awkward or out or place with her during my session.

  1. Natalie wrote: she looks so natural in front of the camera. love the first one, the colour of her dress really suits her :-) (08/26/10, 3:27 pm)

  2. admin wrote: Thanks Natalie. I don't think she knew what a natural she really was/is! VERY easy to work with :) I agree about the color & her laugh is contagious! (08/26/10, 7:23 pm)