senior spotlight


This session was a lot of fun for so many reasons.  The girls were all so laid back.  That makes my job easier, thus more fun!  Since all of my sessions have the option to bring friends, I’ve had a lot of people do so.   Everyone was cracking each other up; even me!  I probably had to throw out a bunch of images just because of the camera shake from my laughing!  I think it’s so important to capture special relationships at any and every age.  In highschool there is NOTHING and NOONE like your bff!

I fondly remember mine.  Lisa and I were together all of the time.  I was the ying to her yang.  College, grad schools, marriage, kids, moves put distance between us both physically and emotionally.  I will forever treasure the memories of our childhood together and wish I had images like these instead of just the grainy snapshots we took.  Many of the girls remind me of me and Lisa.  I hope you hold on tight to each other for as long as you can.

I have gone “off topic”!   To top off THIS wonderful session, the evening was just gorgeous.  Look at the light!!!

I go to school at:  Seven Hills

My graduation date is:  2011

The last thing I ate was:  brownies

My dream job:  to work with special needs kids

My favorite music/artists:  Dave Matthews Band

My favorite thing in my closet:  my shoes

My favorite pastime:  getting on facebook

My favorite website:  facebook

My favorite magazine:  people

My favorite high school moment:  prom

I have never…been skydiving

If I had $1,000 I would…donate a majority of it to a good cause and keep the rest of it for a shopping spree.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  she allows me to be myself in front of the camera and makes me feel comfortable!

  1. Natalie wrote: Beautiful! love the light in the first two! ...and now I want some brownies ;-) (08/22/10, 10:33 pm)

  2. admin wrote: Thanks Natalie :) The light was delish! (08/22/10, 10:46 pm)