i’m not really an engagement photog…


what i mean by that is that i don’t shoot weddings so engagement sessions are not the norm around here.  i’d love to shoot more but those darn wedding photogs seem to get ’em first (lol).  but, i do so love capturing the relationships between people no matter what their situation is.  and so, i shot an engagement session.

laura is the daughter of a family friend who set the session up before laura came to town to make the wedding arrangements. she, matt and i hit it off right away so now i consider them friends too.  matt is her ever so creative, out-of-the-box thinking fiance!  he had lots of ideas for our time together.  he’s an avid art lover who comes from nyc so the city is home to him.  perfect set up for a downtown session.  and now that i’ve gotten to know them, i have to say they are perfect for each other.  they balance each other so well.  i wish you both the best always.  happy wedding planning!

the contemporary art center is where they are hosting the rehearsal dinner.  had to visit and say “hello”.


laura feeding matt popcorn with her blingitty bling on!

love the way she’s looking at him.  like he can do no wrong.  ahhhhh