our california adventure


i’m suffering from jet lag pretty big time right now but i wanted to blog about my recent adventure to southern cal.   that’s why it’s been kind of quiet around here lately; i’ve been gone!  it was kind of a last minute thing.  like a fate/have to do/it’s calling me type thing.  there was a seminar i really wanted to attend.  one was now in cali and the other in november in atlanta.  i went back and forth but came to the decision that the california seminar was the one for me based on who was teaching it; the wonderfly amazing julia woods.

and since josh runs the back end of my biz (meaning he does everything having to do with numbers since math is sooo not my strong point), he came along too.  we made in into a mini vacation/work trip.  if it were not that my entire family is here in cincy, i would’ve stayed.  our meetings were in irvine but we spent 99% of our free time at laguna beach.  it is paradise.  the food, people, water, beach, streets, everything is just so lovely.  along with the town, i met some really great people i already miss.  isn’t it weird how close you can feel with people in such a short amount of time when you have a shared interest?   i learned a ton about running my business as it’s growing and changing thanks to all of my wonderful clients!

i also broke out my old d70.  i wanted to bring it to practice since it’s my backup camera but i never use it.  here are some sooc shots i took along with one of our group (that i didn’t take).  it’s good to be home but i’m counting the days til i’m able to go back to the west coast…

such great photog peeps!