six day old reid


little reid is the newest addition to danny, abbie and big sis, sloane’s, family.  i am so happy for them.  i’ve known danny since i was young and had a session with abbie and sloane last year.  this session felt just like visiting friends.  thank you for having me over.  i arrived on reid’s sixth day in this world.  what a good baby she was.  not a peep during most of the shoot.  i like to shoot newborns anytime before they are 10 days old because they are so squishable, sleepy and happy.  a la reid!  i can’t wait to see her and her sis grow up.

all babies should be so happy.  they have their whole lives ahead of them…

this blanket is special because it’s “her blankie” to match her sister’s pink one.  i can imagine them both dragging them down for breakfast on saturday mornings in the not so far off future.

this images mimics one abbie has with sloane from her first days.  nothing like a mother’s love.

  1. Natalie wrote: she's adorable! gorgeous images :) (07/18/10, 8:51 pm)

  2. Rachel Festenstein wrote: Marla, Your talent amazes me. Your eye for beauty is captured in every shot. To think that I have known you and Danny for over 30 years and how the circle is truly full. I love you girl and thank you for inspiring all of us to want to pick up a camera and capture the essence of life. Rachel (07/18/10, 9:30 pm)

  3. Corporate photographer London wrote: Great shot the last one- my kids never slept like that - unless they had a dummy in each hand and one in the mouth. Grant (07/19/10, 7:40 am)

  4. admin wrote: Thanks everyone! Your newborn images are gorgeous as well, Natalie! And Rachel-THANKS so much for your over the top kind words. I hope I do inspire people to photograph more and preserve these moments that just don't last. Grant, funny you call them dummies. We say "binky" or pacifier but know that many kids need those to fall asleep :) (07/19/10, 2:57 pm)