starting fresh


grab a cup of coffee and take a seat.  it’s finally done and i want you to take it all in!  i mean,  i’ve been going on and on about this new blogsite and here it is!  it’s not perfect but if i wait until everything is JUST so, it will never be done.  so, i’ve decided to launch at 99% “doneness” so that you know i actually really have this blogsite and so i can start posting and using this as i’ve imagined for so long.

what is a blogsite?  it’s a website and blog rolled into one.  i was tired of having my two worlds existing in and looking like two different parts of big shots.  so, i combined them and came up with this.  the possiblities of a blogsite are really endless.  i can have pages for anything and everything.  there’s no need for me to send multiple emails with information cluttering up your inbox when you can now find it here.

so, welcome to my blogsite!  a few tips for getting around: navigation is in the drop down menu at the top of this page to make searching for particular categories or other items super easy and fast. you can use the search feature found on the homepage to find any entry in this blog.  sorry, it does not include my old blog which is permanantly  here. comments are waaaaayyyy easier to add on this blogsite so i want to hear from all of you!  it’s more like a chat than a message so let’s have some fun commenting away!  it makes me feel less lonely in blogworld.  also, please do bookmark this site.  seniors; you’ve got your own site.  click on “seniors” to be taken there where it’s way cool!

i can’t believe it took SEVEN months to get this together. part of it was due to the fact that i took weeks off from working on it at a time and part of it is that i am a perfectionist.  i had this idea or this change and you know what?  it came out JUST as i imagined.  i couldn’t have done it without theresa from blogs for photogs.  she is seriously the most patient woman and talented blog designer on the planet.  we started with nothing but a few small ideas i had and she turned it into this!  there’s a lot here so make sure you check it all out!

and lastly, a big shout out to my husband who runs the back end of my biz and who supported me through this blogsite journey.  he has touched each and every part of this blogsite.  thanks josh!

enjoy your stay and come back often!

  1. admin wrote: see how easy it is to add a comment. try for yourself! (07/09/10, 5:47 pm)

  2. Josh wrote: You're welcome! This site, like you and your photography is amazing. (07/09/10, 9:56 pm)

  3. stephen wrote: love the new site, and the into video is AWESOME. (07/10/10, 7:41 pm)

  4. admin wrote: thank you stephen! i am flattered. (07/11/10, 7:15 pm)