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i’m suffering from jet lag pretty big time right now but i wanted to blog about my recent adventure to southern cal.   that’s why it’s been kind of quiet around here lately; i’ve been gone!  it was kind of a last minute thing.  like a fate/have to do/it’s calling me type thing.  there was a seminar i really wanted to attend.  one was now in cali and the other in november in atlanta.  i went back and forth but came to the decision that the california seminar was the one for me based on who was teaching it; the wonderfly amazing julia woods.

and since josh runs the back end of my biz (meaning he does everything having to do with numbers since math is sooo not my strong point), he came along too.  we made in into a mini vacation/work trip.  if it were not that my entire family is here in cincy, i would’ve stayed.  our meetings were in irvine but we spent 99% of our free time at laguna beach.  it is paradise.  the food, people, water, beach, streets, everything is just so lovely.  along with the town, i met some really great people i already miss.  isn’t it weird how close you can feel with people in such a short amount of time when you have a shared interest?   i learned a ton about running my business as it’s growing and changing thanks to all of my wonderful clients!

i also broke out my old d70.  i wanted to bring it to practice since it’s my backup camera but i never use it.  here are some sooc shots i took along with one of our group (that i didn’t take).  it’s good to be home but i’m counting the days til i’m able to go back to the west coast…

such great photog peeps!

kevin and i had a lovely early morning session and thank goodness for that since it turned out to be a real scorcher that day.  he’d just returned from a class trip to china.  i was fascinated learning about his adventures!  now he can add his big shots session to his long list of summer adventures!  

My first name is:  Kevin

I go to school at:  Seven Hills School

My graduation date is:  2011

The last thing I ate was:  Watermelon

My dream job:  Some kind of doctor

My favorite music/artists:  Coldplay, Eminem, Dave Mathews Band, Kings of Leon, Blink-182

My favorite thing in my closet:My Snoopy tie.

My favorite pastime:  Video games and sports

My favorite website:  Facebook

My favorite magazine:  Sports Illustrated

My favorite place to shop:  Dicks Sporting Goods

My favorite high school moment:  Either finding out I had made the varsity golf team, junior year prom, and finding out my friend was fully recovered from cancer.

I have never… gone skiing. I’m pathetic.

If I had $1,000 I would… Buy all the seasons to my favorite television shows. I have a lot of favorite shows.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  She really made my senior pictures easy. I had no idea what to expect from my session but she really made it a fun half an hour and she was really efficient so i got a lot of pictures done in such a short time. She also made it easy for me to plan, especially since I planned this right before I left for China. She also gave me a t-shirt so Lauren Truncillito you were wrong. She does give boys t-shrits. Aha!

i could go on and on about becca.  she had a “cool shots” session which is three hours long so we really had the opportunity to get to know each other.  first of all, she walked out of the salon looking so fresh and just “girl next door meets stunning!”.  then i found out she’s fun, vivacious & a TOTAL natural in front of the camera.  we got in the car and explored various parts of our great city together.  we ended with a stop so she could get some photos with her beau.  not only are they a good looking couple, they are sooooo cute together.  like i said, i could go on!  thanks for an amazing session becca.

My first name is:  Rebecca

I go to school at:  Sycamore High

My graduation date is:  2011

The last thing I ate was:  Caesar Salad.

My dream job:  No idea!

My favorite music/artists:  Keith Urban and GAGA.

My favorite pastime:  Being silly with friends.

My favorite word:  Cord.

My favorite website:  Facebook!

My favorite magazine:  Cosmopolitan.

My favorite place to shop:  Discount stores. You always find the coolest things.

My favorite high school moment:  Is yet to come. Senior year!

My favorite thing in my closet:  My converse sneakers.

I have never… Been skydiving

If I had $1,000 I would…Donate it to a charity for abused animals.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  I felt so at ease while on my shoot! Marla makes it seem like we’re just hanging out. There wasn’t any stress to look perfect or get the right picture. I would definitely recommend her photography to anyone. Any occasion

i met aamna way back at her friend’s session.  she was funny and her friends all seemed to adore her.  i can see why!  she has a wonderful disposition; very easygoing and laid back.  i enjoyed our mini session together.  thirty minutes may not seem like a long time but we got lots of amazing images.  here are just a few of my favs…

My first name is:  Aamna

I go to school at:  Sycamore

My graduation date is: 2011

The last thing I ate was: dreamsicle

My dream job: UN worker

My favorite music/artists:  Pheonix or Noah & The Whale

My favorite thing in my closet:  my nightpants.

My favorite pastime:  playing sportz…

My favorite word:  blerg.

My favorite website:  youtube

My favorite place to shop:  urban outfitters or gap

My favorite high school moment:  dartwars- C@ME

I have never… traveled alone

If I had $1,000 I would…go on a trip.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  shes so easy to talk to and gives good direction.

six day old reid


little reid is the newest addition to danny, abbie and big sis, sloane’s, family.  i am so happy for them.  i’ve known danny since i was young and had a session with abbie and sloane last year.  this session felt just like visiting friends.  thank you for having me over.  i arrived on reid’s sixth day in this world.  what a good baby she was.  not a peep during most of the shoot.  i like to shoot newborns anytime before they are 10 days old because they are so squishable, sleepy and happy.  a la reid!  i can’t wait to see her and her sis grow up.

all babies should be so happy.  they have their whole lives ahead of them…

this blanket is special because it’s “her blankie” to match her sister’s pink one.  i can imagine them both dragging them down for breakfast on saturday mornings in the not so far off future.

this images mimics one abbie has with sloane from her first days.  nothing like a mother’s love.